Salvamac Salvastop 100

From £5,450.00 + VAT

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alvastop 100

SalvaStop 100 is the evolution of the numerically controlled length stop and pushing positioning system. SalvaStop 100 to save your labor costs, productivity waste and measuring human errors. Forget and stop to use the tape meter.  


S-STOP 100 1400/2000 Working Length 1.4mt Total Length 2mt £5,450.00
S-STOP 100 2400/3000 Working Length 2.4mt Total Length 3mt £5,950.00
S-STOP 100 3400/4000 Working Length 3.4mt Total Length 4mt £6,450.00
S-STOP 100 4400/5000 Working Length 4.4mt Total Length 5mt £6,950.00
S-STOP 100 5400/6000 Working Length 5.4mt Total Length 6mt £7,450.00
S-STOP 100 6400/7000 Working Length 6.4mt Total Length 7mt Coming Soon

The Beam

  New technological concept anodised aluminium beam: section 100x100mm , reinforced big thickness of the profile edge. 1 Flat fence side to favour the sliding of the wood on the guide avoiding wearing and dust problems. High capacity pusher carriage thanks to considerable dimensions.  

Electronic Hardware

  Servodrive electronic moving motor in intergrated version allows simple, long life, compact and maximum efficiency. Motor in closing loop controlling and not losing every moment the position.  

S-PAD and Software

  SALVASTOP Exlusive software easy to use thanks to immediately understandable and effective graphics, complete, powerful, and flexible. Complete with 5 different sections and 2 different modes. “STOP” or “PUSH”. 7″ s-PAD touch colour screen, very good position for reading and programming. Software of tele-service via internet included and installed.  

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Technical Specifications

Servo drive motor closing loop
Power requirement
230 V 50 HZ
Capacity with roller conveyor
up to 100kg
s-PAD Touch Screen
Arm length/ plate included
600 mm/ 200mm X 100mm
Max Speed
Up to max. 60 m/min

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