Alfarimini Jet Air FC 58 Cabinet Dust Extractor with ATEX Panel

£9,499.00 + VAT

(£11,398.80 inc VAT)

Alfarimini Jet Air FC 58 Cabinet Dust Extractor, with Atex Explosion panel, Steel Bin, pneumatic cleaning and filter cartridges.

  • Pneumatic cleaning
  • ATEX Explosion Panel
  • Steel collection Bin
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Technical Specifications

1000mm x 1000mm x 3100mm
2450 m3/hr
Atex panel
Antistatic polyester
Filtering Surface
58 m2
4 off 1250mm high
Steel Bin Dimensions
500mm x 500mm x 500mm
Country of Manufacture

Alfarimini Jet Air FC 58 Cabinet Dust Extractor

Introducing the Alfarimini FC 58, an advanced dust collection solution crafted for optimal performance across diverse industrial applications where airborne particles pose a challenge. Engineered with precision, this ready-to-deploy system guarantees flawless filtration.

Its robust galvanized sheet construction enables seamless installation indoors or outdoors, making it well-suited for use in depressurized environments. Elevate your industrial processes with the Alfarimini FC 58—the epitome of efficient dust control.

The Jet FC is available from 14 up to 700 m2 of filtering surface in order to guarantee a wide range of models for all applications.

Experience peak efficiency with the Alfarimini FC 58’s jet pulse cleaning system – the ultimate solution for maintaining pristine filter media throughout processing. Say goodbye to powders adhering to cartridges and causing clogs.

This cutting-edge cleaning mechanism ensures a consistently clean and highly efficient filter unit, guaranteeing uninterrupted performance throughout your daily processing operations. Elevate your standards with the Alfarimini FC 58, where efficiency meets excellence.

The Alfarimini FC 58 comes with a handy cleaning system run by an economizer. It smartly adjusts intervention times using a pressure sensor to save on compressed air usage. Perfect for dealing with fine dust in industries like wood, plastics, chemicals, and metalworking. Keep it simple, keep it efficient with the Alfarimini FC 58.

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JET FC Dust Extractors

1.Dusty air inlet
2.Pre-filtration chamber (Upon request)
3.Filtration chamber
4.Filtering cartridges
5.Collection bin under the hopper
6.Air tank for pneumatic cleaning system
7.Plenum with venturi
8.Clean air outlet
9.Inspection and maintenance door.
10.Venting Panel (Upon request)
11.Differential pressure switch.

Alfarimini Jet Air FC 58 Cabinet Dust Extractor options available

  • Electrical Panel
  • Discharge with rotary valve
  • Soundproof box for motoventilator to lower the noise
  • Staircase and walkaway to access the maintenance door
  • Tank and control panel cover
  • Pressure regulator
  • Spray nozzles and temperature probe (ATEX Version)
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