Alfarimini's extraction and filtration systems cater to diverse needs across industrial, professional, and hobbyist sectors. Designed for a wide audience, including hobbyists, small craft shops, and large industries, our products offer solutions for various extraction requirements. Our systems play a crucial role in managing dust, waste, and residues generated during machining processes or production steps. Proper extraction and filtration prevent pollution in production, safeguard machinery, and promote the well-being of operators. From woodworking and styrofoam cutting to packaging dusty products and grinding stones, our extraction and filtration systems find applications in numerous fields. Alfarimini ensures the efficient extraction of residues and machining scraps, containing them within the system's container while releasing only clean, filtered air. Whether you operate a small craftsman's workshop or manage a large-scale industrial facility, our systems are tailored to meet your specific needs and contribute to a cleaner, healthier working environment.