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Ex Demo Compacto Fox 65 Briquetting Press

The Fox briquetting presses are able to manufacture materials like wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips, dust and other residual materials into stable, cylindrical briquettes. Compared to loose material, the initial volume will be reduced by up to 90%.
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  • FOX 65 Sleeve
  • FOX 65 Silo with level indicator
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Compacto’s FOX 65 briquetting press is used to make briquettes with a briquette diameter of 65 mm. Thanks to a larger cylinder compared to the FOX 50 and FOX 60 models, it is still possible to apply enough force with a 5.5 kW motor to create a stable briquette. When processing wood chips, our briquetting press FOX 65 achieves an output between approx. 40 and 110 kg per hour.   The briquettes are formed and produced in the easy and inexpensive to exchange wear bushings. The front socket of the FOX 65 has a length of 60 mm. In order to keep the wear costs low, the briquettes must not be longer than the wear bushings and therefore the briquette length is maximum 60 mm long. The technical features of our FOX 65 briquetting press is designed according to customer requirements. The feeding process of the material that needs to be pressed takes place by default via a pre-compresser cylinder. The pre-compressor cylinder looks like a drawer. The adjustable opening length of the drawer allows the briquette length to be adjusted. The material supplied through the drawer gives the length of a briquette. The storage container has a capacity of approx. 0.7 qbm and can be delivered in square, round or 12-corner design.   When it comes to control technology, our philosophy is to incorporate only as much technology into the machine as the customer really needs. For this reason, our FOX 65 briquetting press is equipped as standard with a contactor control system. On customer’s request it can of course also be delivered with a PLC control. As a rule, we do not use a separate engine for the discharge. We solve the rotation of the discharge energy-efficiently via the hydraulics. Whenever the press plunger presses back, without any effort, it drives the discharge.   The following options can be purchased for our FOX 65 for an additional charge:

  • Level Indicator
  • Pre-Compression
  • Transport Connection
  • Transport pipe
  • Oil cooler
  • Oil Heater
  • Special Silo
  • Packaging Carousel
  • Coolable Sleeve
  • Pusher for longer Briquettes
  • Breaking Channel
Using the level indicator, the machine detects whether material is in the silo of the press and starts and stops automatically. This option, for example, for a substructure under an exhaust system. An enlargement of the pre-compression slide makes sense when processing light materials such as wood shavings, straw & dust. By increasing the size of the pre-compression slide, it is possible to produce a longer briquette for light materials that what would be possible with the standard cylinder, because more material can be pre-compressed. The length of the briquettes may still be no longer than the length of the wear bushing. The transport pipe is a component which is screwed on to the crimping pliers. The transport connection can be plugged onto the transport pipe holder. In this way, the briquettes can be transported from the height of the crimping pliers by the power of the subsequent briquette without further energy input, up to a length of about 10 meters, ending up in big bags, containers or the like. With optional oil cooling , the hydraulic oil is cooled down and the seals in the cylinders are protected against overheating. An oil heater must be installed if the briquette press is to be operated at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius. Below 4 degrees Celsius, the oil is too viscous to build up the required pressure. The oil heater keeps the hydraulic oil fluid. Also possible is the delivery of a special cargo, for example, to the substructure under an existing suction or to the wheel loader filling system. For the briquette packaging we offer a packaging carousel. A total of 5 bags can be filled with briquettes. The weight of the bags is adjustable via the height.


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Technical Specifications

Made In
Fox 65
0.7 qbm
1925 x 1100 x 1500
65 mm
1000mm diameter
37 litre hydrualic pre-compression
800 kg
60 – 110kg/h

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