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With the CNC machining center PRO-MASTER 7018, Holz-her provides the perfect solution for state-of-the-art, rational CNC machining for modern production shops. Standard features include four axes – all fully interpolating for maximum flexibility.

The PRO-MASTER 7018 is distinguished by its fully new industrial design. State-of-the-art encapsulation of the machining head offers many advantages such as a good view of the machining field when moving in workpieces.

The extreme machining dimensions up to 5,220 mm x 1,285 mm and solid design make this machine predestined for pendular processing on doors and construction elements.

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Technical Specifications

Edge routing dimensions in X direction (mm)
3,540 | 5,340
Edge routing dimensions in Y direction (mm)
Cutter unit
11 kW, ceramic bearing, 1,000 – 24,000 rpm
Vector speed
100 m/min.
Safety equipment
3-field foot mat (pendular machining)
Workpiece support
6 Consoles, 8 stops, 4 charging aids, laser pointer
Drilling head
3.0 kW, 24 spindles (18 V | 6 H), sawing unit in X direction
Workpiece clamping
100 m³/h vacuum pump, dry-running version

Holz-her PRO-MASTER 7018 Package Options

Powerful cutter units

Precise cutting spindles with ceramic bearings ensure optimum cutting results. With up to 11 kW of power – as air or liquid-cooled version – for high cutting performance, Holz-her offers the ideal spindle for your range of application.

Integrated 14-spindle drilling head

14-Spindle version (standard)

  • Drilling unit with 10 vertical spindles (X = 6 / Y = 4)
  • Four horizontal spindles (one double drilling spindle in X direction / one in Y direction).
  • Integrated grooving saw in X direction.
  • The optional pressure booster provides even more power for the drilling unit.

24-Spindle version (optional)

  • Drilling unit with 18 vertical spindles (X = 11 + 2 / Y = 6)
  • Six horizontal spindles (two double drilling spindles in X direction / one in Y direction).
  • Integrated grooving saw in X direction.
  • The optional pressure booster provides even more power for the drilling unit.
Machining head – optimised for practice

Drilling, sawing, cutting, grooving – the machining head on the PRO-MASTER series is equipped for multifunctional use and is perfect for rational production of simple and complex case parts in continuous operation.

The integrated and compact design makes this machining head a paragon for dynamic action, acceleration and positioning accuracy. Even in the basic equipment, the PRO-MASTER series offers a wide machining spectrum.

Standard console table

A variety of suction cups and frame clamps available for processing panels and solid wood as well as an actual working height of 180 mm ensure an enormous range of applications for Holz-her’s 70 series.

  • Solid consoles with single-circuit vacuum system, six easily movable cross-members – with pneumatic clamping feature in X direction.
  • High precision, ground linear guides with steel strip covers for all movable axes. Extremely long service life and smooth operation. Backed up by Holz-her’s 10 year guarantee.
  • A laser pointer is available for quick positioning of the consoles and suction cups. Other consoles and suction cups available as options.
  • 50 millimeter high suction cups ensure that workpieces are held securely.
  • Moving stops, eccentric in hardened guide bushings. Stops can be lowered pneumatically.
  • Four pneumatically operated charging aids can be raised and lowered to position heavy workpieces easily. Additional charging aids available as options.
  • Two large surface pushbuttons for clamping.
  • Additional processing fields for higher capacity (optional).
  • Individually switchable vacuum zones prevent vacuum losses.
  • High performance vacuum pumps – 100 m³/h.
    Optional: Vacuum pumps for 140 m³/h and 250 m³/h.

The all round talent with complete equipment package

This CNC machine has a comprehensive modular design with high quality add-ons for your free selection. For example, the optional Vario5 unit – for easily handling angles and miter cuts – is simple to program and provides fully automatic CNC control for absolute adjustment of the cutting angle.

CabinetControl Pro – Perfect 3D room planning with cabinet generator

CabinetControl Pro is the extension for professional use in furniture planning and customer presentation. Plan furniture or design entire living situations. Support your customer’s imagination for faster decisions. Present the planned furniture photorealistically from any perspective directly to the customer on site.

The cutting data and the CNC programs for your Holzher panel saw and the Holzher CNC machine are automatically generated with the planning. The additional option TrunRAY perfects the display of the created renderings.

Holzher PRO-MASTER 7018 | MW Machinery

Intelligent solid wood machining

The PRO-MASTER 70 series offers virtually unlimited possibilities for machining. Designed for the most demanding work, the solid and well-thought-through layout represents the state-of-the-art industrial design to meet your application requirements.

Particularly the 500K version of the PRO-MASTER 7018 allows large door elements to be processed easily with maximum efficiency in pendular operation.


Innovative changeover units

A variety of changeover units for highly varying applications is available for all machines in the PRO-MASTER series. These range from conventional multi-spindle machines, lock box and sawing units to special applications such as hollow cutting chisels and cutting units for machining foam materials, etc.

Angular slewing gears with angle display and central angle adjustment are available for precision angle cuts and holes.

Lock case cutters for professional door production

High performance cutting motors on the optional horizontal cutter unit make the PRO-MASTER series a must for professional door producers. On the 5-axes version, this work is of course accomplished by the cutter unit.

  • Holzher also offers a wide matching selection of reliable, high performance changeover units for all types of applications.
Laser pointers as standard feature

Laser pointers for exact position of the suction cups or for tracing the workpiece contours, attached on the right and left sides of the machining head.

Contour laser – the complete positioning solution

Contour laser – projects entire workpiece contour and all required vacuum suction cups simultaneously as well as all console positions without limitation for number of lines to be projected.

Variable safety concepts

State-of-the-art safety concepts give you the choice between patented 3-field foot mats or safety bumpers. This allows you to match the Holzher machining centers individually and reliably to your operating situation.

Efficient vacuum technology

Extremely high performance, efficient vacuum pumps ensure workpiece is held securely. These low maintenance, dry-running pumps are also distinguished by their low noise emissions and extremely low maintenance requirements.

Moreover, our intelligent ECO VAC vacuum control uses a software program to ensure that the required vacuum power is always present when several pumps are used.

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