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Founded in 1945, Zurich. Armin Kündig laid the foundation for Kündig AG which has since become one of the worlds leading manufacturers of sanding machines.

Today, Kündig AG is located in Wetzikon (Zurich)/ Switzerland and all shares are currently owned by Kündig family members.

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Flash – For Lacquer Edges

The Kündig Flash is specially designed for edge lacquer sanding. With its features which even allow for sanding of high-gloss lacquered edges, the Flash is unique among edge sanders. The Kündig lacquer edge sanding technology has proven itself over more than a decade at dozens of reference companies, such as luxury interior fitters, yacht or private jet outfitters and piano manufacturers. With its action-controlled pneumatic sanding pad, touch-screen operation, fully-featured feed system, belt blow-off air jets and variable sanding belt speed, the Flash has all the features typically found in wide belt lacquer sanders.

The sanding unit can also be pivoted conveniently by means of a rotary switch. The pivoting mechanism is also driven by its own motor. The unit can be tilted between 90° and 45°. Thanks to the well thought-out mechanism, full oscillation is always available (at any sanding unit angle) and sanding on both sides is possible, even simultaneously. The different table heights of the front and rear sanding station also ensure that the belt is not used at the same height at the same time. Furthermore, the combination of the pivoting mechanism and different table heights ensures that the distance between the sanding unit and the worktable remains minimal at any degree of inclination.

Ingenious Design – The Sanding Unit

The heart of all our edge sanding machines is the sanding unit. It offers a whole range of intelligent features. For example, the sanding belt does not oscillate by tilting the belt rollers. Instead, the entire sanding unit moves up and down. The oscillation stroke as well as the oscillation range are simply set by the use of two buttons. Maximum oscillation range is a whopping 90mm/3.5″. Thanks to the flexible adjustment and the large oscillation range, sanding belts can be used optimally over their entire width, without any tedious adjustment of the working table height. The oscillation mechanism is driven by a separate motor.

Touch Screen Operation

A large part of the operating inputs on the flash are made using the touch screen which can be rotated by 270°. This makes it very easy to adjust oscillation, sanding belt and feed speed, sanding pad insert and release times, as well as storing and recalling sanding programs.

The integrated oil damper system, which acts on the tension roller, ensures that belts remain optimally tensioned even if there are differences in length due to manufacturing tolerances or the effects of moisture. The belt runs over a large-area graphite cloth. In order to reduce the wear on the graphite on the abrasive pad to a minimum, a deflection roller is installed to the left and right of it. The belt can also be changed with ease in seconds.

Optional Extras

Prices supplied on application

Upper Feed

Instead of pressure rollers, the upper feed belt can facilitate the sanding of smaller components

Option for Unis-S, Standard, Flash

Additional Lower Feed Belt

For extra wide workpieces an additional lower feed belt can be provided

Option for Uniq-S, standard, Flash

Glazing Bars

A special device simplifies the sanding of smaller components and glazing bars

Option for Uniq, Uniq-S

Grooved Inlet Platen

The grooved inlet platen allows the sanding of edges with overlapping veneers

Option for Uniq, Uniq-S, Flash

Semi Round Table

Semi round table for sanding curved pieces against the rubber covered driving roller

Option for Uniq, Uniq-S, Flash

Extra Table

Extra table with mandrel and abrasive bobbins for external and internal shapes

Option for Uniq, Uniq-S, Flash

Telescopic Support Rail

Easy handling of large panel thanks to telescopic support rail

Option for Uniq, Uniq-S, Flash

Transport Wheels

Increased flexibility and movability thanks to four transport wheels

Option for Uniq, Uniq-S, Flash

Steplessly Abrasive belt speed

Steplessly abrasive belt speed for extremely sensitive surfaces or material with a low melting point

Option for Uniq-S, Standard, Flash

Sanding Pad Inserts

Special sanding pad inserts are available, such as an extra hard sanding pad for extended sanding of solid wooden edges or a ceramic sanding pad for heavy calibration tasks

Option for Uniq, Uniq-S, Flash

Working Table Extensions

Different handling and working table extensions are available, even custom versions

Option for Uniq, Uniq-S, Flash

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Need Assistance or Expert Advice?

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