OAV 370P EdgeBander Automatic Corner Rounding

£19,500.00 + VAT

(£23,400.00 inc VAT)

OAV’s Industrial edgebander boasts some fantastic features including corner rounding for a super high quality finish at an affordable price.

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From panel production to edgebanding, the intelligent touch screen optimises the accuracy and strictly controls every step of the production, so that maximum quality is achieved.

features include –

  • Corner rounding Unit
  • Pre-heating
  • Pre-milling
  • Hot melt glue pot
  • End trimming
  • Radius trimming
  • Radius scraping
  • Buffing unit
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Technical Specifications

415V / 3ph
8 – 45 mm
90 mm
960 mm
LxWxH – 3731x720x1636 mm
3,000 rpm
12,000 rpm
6.7 Kw
0.4 – 3 mm
170 mm
560 mm
12,000 rpm
12,000 rpm
9M/ min

OAV 370P Automatic Edgebander

The 370P comes equipped with a user friendly touch screen control. The PLC parameter setting & operating control. The PLC parameter setting & operating controls ensure reliable and stable working conditions to provide consistent * high quality results. This is the ultimate edgebanding solution to optimise your investment and take your production output to the next level.

The precision sliding table saw solves the problems of traditional cutting board size errors and cracks. Accurate cutting shortens the working hours, whether it’s a small or large variety of cutting, it can quickly meet the needs of customers orders. The fully automatic linear edgebanding machine makes a perfect combination for the lamination of plates and edge strips. High-end product 570P combined with automatic solid wood edge strips, transparent glue on the plastic bucket is the best weapon for the production of fire doors.


OAV 370P EdgeBander Features

  • Edge feeding for coiled materials
  • Operating Panel with LED Keyboard
  • Pre-milling unit
  • Glue pot
  • Guillotine shears
  • End cutting unit
  • Flush trimming
  • Corner rounding unit
  • Scraping/ Radius scraping unit
  • Heavy duty chain feeder

Operating Panel with LED Keypad

Glue temperature setting, Choose and disengage any units individually

Guillotine Shears

Coiled material up to 3mm in thickness can be trimmed by the guillotine shears. Swing design guillotine guillotine shears would not pull edge.

Heavy duty chain feeder

The steady work-piece feeding mechanism is compromised of a chain and set of drive rollers, which will leave no scratches on the work-piece surface

Pre-Milling Unit

Two diamond milling heads ensure the edge of the work-piece is absolutely straight to the material of edge being glued

Buffing Unit

The buffing unit leaves a super finish on ABS and PVC edging, and removes any discoloration on the edges, which is especially noticeable when working with dark edge material

Scraping Unit- Radius Scraping Unit

The scraping unit fine tunes the edge radius and removes excess glue.

End cutting Unit

It is mounted on high precision linear bearings, which ensure perfect cutting results, and meets all challenges for different types of edge

Flush Trimming

The adjustment of the settings from flush trimming for thin edges, as well as radius trimming for thicker edges, is quick and easy. TC 2mm radius tooling is included as standard. With dust collection design

Corner Rounding Unit

The unique and innovative design of OAV’s corner rounding unit will allow you to get perfect corners of your panel every time without any cutter jointing marks. All the essential functions of trimming are programmed by the oprator and executed at high speed to an exceptional degree of accuracy

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We have been working with OAV for over 5 years. We’re extremely impressed by the build quality of their woodworking machinery. We stock OAV Edgebanders and Bandsaws. Our OAV Edgebander range consists of:

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  • OAV 350M Pre Milling EdgeBander
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  • OAV 370M Corner Rounding EdgeBander
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  • OAV 370P Automatic Corner Rounding EdgeBander
  • OAV 570P EdgeBander
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Delivery, Commission and Product familiarisation provided

As long as you have a forklift to unload the machine we can deliver and commission your Edgebander on the same day. On top of delivery and commission our engineers will familiarise you and your staff with the machine.

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OAV 370P Edgebander Footprint

OAV 370P Edgebander Diagram | MW Machinery

Need assistance or Expert Advice?

We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and professional service

Need Assistance or Expert Advice?

We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and professional service