Robland Ti 120 E Tilting Spindle Moulder


(£15,300.00 inc VAT)

Tilting Spindle Moulder

The Robland Ti 120 Spindle Moulder is perfect for workshop use, packing a punch of functionality. Complete with motorised rise and fall, 5 rotation speeds, a swing-away device and tilting capabilities  from -5° to +45°.

The Robland Ti 120 E Tilting Spindle Moulder model in these pictures is with the TL Pack that includes the in feed and out feed extension tables, as well as the extendable pull out support. We do have a model available without the extensions installed.


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Technical Specifications

Motor Power
7 kW / 9.5 HP (Optional 9.2kW)
3 x 400V
Spindle Tilting From
-5° to +45°
Table Height
Max. Tool Diameter in Standard Fence
Spindle Length
Spindle Stroke
Spindle Rotation Speed
3000/4500/6000/7000/10000 RPM
Dimension of Cast Iron Table
1200mm x 855mm
Max. Diameter/ Height of Table Opening
320mm x 95mm
Diameter Extraction Ports
2 x 120mm
Quick Interchangeable Shaft

Robland is equipped with Interchangeable Shaft that can equipped with the following:


Spindle Tilting -5° to +45°

The Robland Ti 120 E Tilting Spindle Moulder tilts from -5° to +45° allowing more flexibility with your spindle.

Digital Read out of Height and Tilt

Digital readout of Height and Tilt of the Spindle, Can also be moved by the handwheel below to allow for micro adjustments.

Linear Guides

The fence moves on linear guides to allow the smoothest motion with the fence.

Motorised Operation

The machine is equipped with Motorised Rise and Fall of the spindle as well as motorised tilt of the spindle.

5 Rotational Speed Settings

The machine is equipped with 5 different rotation speeds as standard (3,000/4,500/6,000/7,000 and 10,000)

Table Extensions (Optional Extra)

Extendable Support for longer panels and Pull out Support for Wider Boards.


Robland Ti 120 E Tilting Spindle Moulder | Markfield Woodworking Machinery
Tenoning Table T120 (Optional Extra)

On the T120 TS and T120 TL a sliding table can be mounted with a cast iron tenoning table including fence and wood clamp.


The Integral Fence (Optional Extra)

The integral fence Aigner makes sure you can work precise and safe. The fence is easy to use without any tools. You can also regulate the height.



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