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MWM has been awarded the UK Sole agency for Vertongen woodworking machinery.

Markfield Woodworking Machinery’s Gavin Cooper is delighted that his company has been awarded the principle agency for Vertongen machinery’s extensive range in the UK.

A selection from this renowned Belgian manufacturer will be demonstrated at the forthcoming Materials & Finishes Show to be held at Birmingham’s NEC in May.

This is the perfect opportunity to showcase these machines at this exhibition – the first event of its kind to be held in the United Kingdom post-Covid.

Leaders in CNC Machinery

Vertongen is recognised as a leading manufacturer of CNC machinery designed for the production of kitchen cabinetry, as well as door and window production.

The Belgian based woodworking machinery specialist was founded as long ago as 1900 and next year will celebrate 125 years in the business of supplying high quality machinery to the woodworking trade sector.

These days Vertongen specialises in CNC automated woodworking machinery, having clocked up more than a century of experience in the manufacture of single-end tenoners and profiles moulders designed especially for the production of wooden windows and doors.

Vertongen panel | MW Machinery
Vertongen pentho cogs | MW Machinery

Industrial woodworking machinery

Vertongen is also recognised as an expert in the production of five-piece kitchen door machinery – all of which is designed with the aim of increasing and improving the capacity and quality of the goods being manufactured by the individual machinery purchaser.

The team at Vertongen is constantly seeking ways to optimise the production process of small-sized woodworking trade outlets right through to industrial-sized woodworking businesses.

Vertongen machinery is fully adapted to the requirements of individual companies.

Today, Vertongen offers machines capable of performing specialist tenoning work, as well as specialist machinery for the production of complete window line and kitchen doors of an industrial scale.

Vertongen Machinery

Among the current range of machines available from Vertongen is the Pentho Compact 3 universal tenoner, which features a noise-reducing cut-off saw, two tenon heads and a vertical Prolock spindle
adjusted to an accuracy of 0.1mm.

All movements on this machine are manual adjustable. There is a 7in touch panel for starting motors in your own language.

Total table swivelling is +60 deg/ – 60deg. The digital length fence is 2.4m with a single swivelling backstop.

Vertongen’s profile machines are especially designed for throughfeed profiling components. The profiling of different parts is facilitated without the need for tool changing.

The technologically advanced Profil Compact 2 moulder is produced with two spindles without top bearing.

Complete Solutions

This model features a 7in touch panel in your own language. The first spindle can be made to jump in and out in order to avoid breakout during storm profiling. Both spindles can turn to the left of right.

Other features include automatic storm-proof cycles and all tools for a single product type can be installed. There is an easy tool changeover device for different products.

Vertongen offers a complete solution for the production of complete windows and doors, which can be manufactured on an industrial scale with the utmost precision and efficiency.

The PenPro Control is a fully CNC- controlled combination of the Pentro Control and the Profit Control. It only requires a single operator.

The production capacity is in excess of 400 parts/shift.There is a 15in touch panel in your own language.

Vertongen is also famed for the production of CNC machinery designed for kitchen cabinet door production.

Come see us at the Materials & Finishes Show!

These machines enable you to save space on the factory floor, as well as saving on time.

Each individual machine covers a different step of the production process and each is operated by a different person.

Both the PenPro Compact kitchen machine and the accompanying Shaper Sizer only require a single operator.

Each of these renowned Belgian manufactured machines can now be purchased through Leicester-based MWM.

Gavin Cooper and his team will be pleased to demonstrate them either at the company’s extensive showroom facility, or at the upcoming Materials & Finishes Show in Birmingham.

For further information call our expert team on 0116 289 3469 or email us at

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