Holz-her Dynestic 7505 10.5 Classic

£97,350.00 + VAT

(£116,820.00 inc VAT)

Full Power with the Latest Nesting Technology.

Two series for highly efficient panel machining with nesting technology in modern gantry design. This optimized design enables really short machining cycles, while at the same time ensuring the best machining results.

  • Integrated linear 6-position tool changer, can be upgraded to up to 12 tool change positions.
  • LED machine lettering with operating status display.
  • High-performance spindle with ceramic bearing.
  • Fully-equipped drilling head with up to 24 drilling spindles and grooving saws in X and Y direction.
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Technical Specifications

Machining dimensions in X direction
3100 mm
Machining dimensions in Y direction
1580 mm
Vector speed
100 m/min
Cutter unit
8 kW, air-cooled, 1000 – 24 000 rpm
Tool Changer
6-position pick-up tool changer in the machine frame
Automation (Classic)
Drilling head L
Drilling head L 14 spindles (10 V | 4 H) including sawing unit in X direction
Workpiece support
High-flow nesting table with continuous vacuum field*
Safety equipment
Light grid
Workpiece clamping
2 x 140 m³/h vacuum pump low maintenance dry-running version
CAMPUS software machine license incl. aCADemy CAD/CAM module and CabinetControl Base
Automation (Push)
Automatic Discharge Pusher/Table with Conveyor Belt

Version and Floor Plan

The Nesting CNC machine DYNESTIC 7505 from Holz-her enables high efficient panel processing with the newest nesting technology in modern gantry design. With machining dimensions from 3,100 mm (3,700 mm) in X-direction and 1,580 mm in Y-direction, the optimised construction facilitates very short processing cycles with the best processing results in the same time.

The nesting CNC processing center is equipped with an integrated 6-position linear tool changer which could perfectly be extended to 12 tool positions. New highlight is an LED machine lettering which displays the operating status of the machine. Depending on the colour of the lettering it is possible to see which is the current operating status of the DYNESTIC 7505. Moreover the DYNESTIC 7505 has ceramic stored high performance spindles as well as a fully equipped drilling head with up to 24 drilling spindles and grooving saws in X-direction.

The nesting machine DYNESTIC 7505 is available in the classic version and in the push version. The push version contains an automated discharge pusher and an integrated vacuum as well as a discharge table and a conveyor belt.

Perfectly designed for your application. You can select the individual machine classic by itself or as the push version.

Classic version (1)

  • The classic version without automation components.

Push version (2)

  • The push version pushes the finished nest on the conveyor belt and cleans the machine table for processing the next panel.

Machine Highlights


Hybrid bearing, precision milling spindle
  • 8 kW of power (standard air cooled).
  • Optional high-power milling spindle:
    12 kW air-cooled
    10 kW liquid-cooled.
Intelligent evacuation management

With automatic switching from milling spindle to drilling unit.

Tool Changer
  • 6-position pick-up tool changer integrated into
    the machine frame. Can be upgraded to up to 12 tool change positions.
  • Also option to upgrade with X/Y tool changer
    for the DYNESTIC angle gear.
High Flow Nesting Table

High-flow nesting table with 1-field vacuum (standard)
or 8-field vacuum (DYNESTIC 7505) or 16-field vacuum
(DYNESTIC 7507) – software controlled.

HOLZ-HER’s nesting technology ensures efficient formatting and drilling on one machine.

DYNESTIC series offers

  • CAMPUS Machine Control
  • High-Flow Nesting Table
  • 10 Year Guarantee on All Linear Guides
  • Solid Gantry Design
  • Machine in Y Direction: Up to 1580mm
  • Machine in X Direction: Up to 3100/3700mm
  • The intelligent ECO Mode energy management

The Perfect Software Package for All Nesting Applications


CabinetControl Pro – Perfect 3D room planning with cabinet generator.

CabinetControl Pro is the extension for professional use in furniture planning and customer presentation. Plan furniture or design entire living situations. Support your customer’s imagination for faster decisions. Present the planned furniture photorealistically from any perspective directly to the customer on site.

The cutting data and the CNC programs for your Holz-her panel saw and the Holz-her CNC machine are automatically generated with the planning. The additional option TrunRAY perfects the display of the created renderings.

“BetterNest” – The optimum Nesting Software

Innovative Operator Software for Optimized cutting and Processing

This module is available for pure rectangular nesting or as a free-form version with a completely new type of algorithm offering never-before-achievable nesting results with cutting losses far below that obtained with conventional nesting software. In combination with its simple operation in spite of its enormous versatility, it significantly facilitates programming for users in the office and on the machine while ensuring maximum process reliability.

TouchLable – The Perfect Solution for Labelling

The 21,5″ touch screen provides a perfect overview of the nesting results. Simply tap the workpiece and the label printer included in the package prints out a self-adhesive barcode label.

The integrated CAMPUS module label printer allows printout of normal text as well as barcodes (barcode and 2D data matrix). Naturally, your barcode labels can be adapted to your specific requirements with the label template editor.

Excellent Operator Ergonomics

The ergonomic design of your workplace is constantly growing in significance. HOLZ-HER offers a control desk, which was developed specifically for the DYNESTIC series. This control desk is equipped with an 21,5″ and 16:9 monitor and ensures perfect operator ergonomics.

Depending on the machine equipment the operator desk can be chosen optionally with a mobile base. The wheels enable to move the desk to the place, where it is most suitable for your working process.

Vacuum Cups

The possibility to strike the workpieces optionally on the front stop bar, makes the DYNESTIC series even more flexible. Formatted workpieces can be created and edited effortlessly. Special vacuums for the grid table allow e.g. horizontal drilling and profile processing on different workpieces.

Integrated Vacuum Pumps

The vacuum pumps of the DYNESTIC 7505 and  DYNESTIC 7507 are integrated in the machine base and therefore extremely space-saving. The extremely high performance, efficient vacuum pumps ensure the workpiece is held securely. These low maintenance, dry-running pumps are also distinguished by their low noise emissions and extremely low maintenance requirements.

Moreover, our intelligent ECO VAC vacuum control uses a software program to ensure that the required vacuum power is always present when several pumps are used.

One Machine – Unlimited Possibilities

Due to their flexible options the DYNESTIC models are perfectly designed for the processing of many different materials. The processing of sensitive and heavy materials is enabled because of air buffers. “ColdGun”is suitable for synthetic material, aluminium and composite materials. Due to this “ColdGun” the workpieces and milling tools stay constantly cool. Because of that this option enables extrem long tool lifetimes. Amongst others the following materials can be processed with the DYNESTIC models.

  • Plexiglass
  • Plastics
  • Solid surface
  • Aluminium composite material
  • Alu Core
  • Alu Profile
  • Panels
  • MDF panels
  • Solid wood glueboards

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