ZENTREX 6215 Lift

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The ZENTREX 6215 lift horizontal pressure beam saw is Holz-her’s optimum solution for high cutting rates on single panels and stacks with its standard elevating table. With a saw blade protrusion of 130 mm, the powerful drives and variety of intelligent control features, the ZENTREX 6215 is inspiring even for mass production cutting.

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Technical Specifications

Cutting length
Cutting width
Max. saw blade projection
Motor output
15 kW

Holz-her ZENTREX 6215 Lift Features

Control Center

A perfectly designed workplace provides the basis for efficient, non-fatiguing work. With the 21.5″ control terminal Holz-her panel cutting saws satisfy all requirements placed by machine operators. The ergonomically adjustable rack offers space to position up to two printers, scanner, keyboard and mouse where they are located perfectly for the operator.

  • The control center with large multi-touch 21.5” full HD monitor with 16:9 format guarantees maximum clarity with real time 3D graphics and full graphic finalization help.
Security Package

Our new “Security Package” guarantees particularly safe operation on and around the machine!

  • Soft-start workpiece clamps
  • Safe line in area of pressure beam
  • Double check for all safety-relevant functions.

Our optional Security Package includes a second computer and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

The CUT CONTROL 2 control package

The control is decisive for the power output of a state-of-the-art pressure beam saw. The ZENTREX series is controlled by our CUTCONTROL 2 and the preinstalled EASY-PLAN and OPTI-CUT software packages.

Everything at a glance:

  • Standard, large 21.5″ monitor (with optional touchscreen) and large, clearly arranged buttons make it possible to machine absolute, series and format cuts with integrated groove.
  • OPTI-CUT and EASY-PLAN optimization software is installed on the machine at the factory.
  • Individual jobs can be assigned a priority at any time, job programming parallel to cutting.
  • A feature for importing .CSV files is included as a standard feature.
  • Graphic 3D user interface for intuitive operation and machine sequence functions for NC cutting.

Here is what the Holz-her ZENTREX 6215 Lift offers

  • Precision lifting table as standard feature
  • Saw Blade Protrusion: 130 mm
  • Sawing Unit: up to 25 kW
  • Cutting length: 4,300 mm
  • Cutting width: 4200 mm
Freely programmable rip fence

Stable, welded construction with precision, hardened linear guides ensure precise, smooth running. Direct rack-and-pinion drive and proximity-type sensor for absolute dimensions guarantee maximum positioning accuracy. Valid. Floating-type workpiece clamps compensate for tension in the panel stacks toward the top.

Floating workpiece clamps

The floating clamps included as a standard feature with their intelligent, software control provide a plethora of benefits including reduced cycle time, improved cutting quality and gentler material handling.

  • The clamps are switched on automatically and individually by the cutting plan. Advantage: No damage to outer panel edges because workpiece size is checked beforehand by the software. This saves a great deal of pneumatic energy, because only the clamps actually required for clamping are used.
Optimization module EASY-PLAN

The EASY-PLAN optimization software installed as a standard feature provides all functions, such as:

  • Entry of material data and parts list data
    Job summary
  • Cutting plan survey for optimized jobs (representation at one level)
  • Material-related result display in graphic form.
  • Display provides information on required material formats, panels and remaining formats per job.
  • Complete jobs can be reset and booked back into the parts list at any time.

The material data entry provides information on length, width and thickness of the material, quantity present in stock, turnability in consideration of grain pattern, material designation, type number and trimming. The parts list data includes the element number, position number, quantity, length and width.

Optimization module OPTI-CUT

OPTI-CUT serves for laying out, managing and optimizing jobs. The integrated OPTI-CUT optimisation software can also be purchased as a combination package – with machine and office version (OPTI-BASE).

  • The software supplies current job information for NC cutting.
  • An additional module imports parts lists from user programs.
  • Simple configuration of all system settings
    Material-related result display of optimized parts lists in graphic form
  • Layout and management of edging lists with predefined edging recommendation lists
  • Defined cutting length adaptation from the software reduces cycle times decisively.
Optimization module OPTI-PRO

The professional optimization in one complete package with a variety of additional modules. This optional optimization package for sawing software is equipped for high speed data input as well as simple transfer of cutting data from branch or ERP programs via CSV interface. For example, the OPTI-PRO can calculate cutting times and take over edging material management for you. Naturally, the block part module also allows representation of furniture fronts. Other high performance features include:

  • Job management
  • Material and coating management
  • Data migration
  • Configuration
  • Display of results
  • Material booking
  • Edging and grooving entries
  • Use of cuts
  • Block part optimization
  • Edging calculation, data migration
  • Export of all data
Line laser for cutting line

The Visible Cut Line uses a laser beam to indicate the exact cutting line. This also allows cuts according to a manual sketch to be positioned and cut perfectly. Naturally this device also provides a major advantage when cutting real wood (e.g. edging).

Remnant cutting device integrated into the pressure beam

Remnant cutting device for division without remnants. The clamps retract into the grooved pressure beam. Panels can be used completely during processing.

2-stage evacuation management system

The cutting position recognition feature optimally controls all evacuation openings in the pressure beam. This always ensures maximum evacuation power directly at the saw blade, keeping your machine table free at all times. Evacuation openings not required are closed automatically – can, however, be adapted manually on the control to ensure your machine table is always clean.

Powerful sawing units up to 21 kW

The patent-pending sawing unit is distinguished by its performance, precision and enormous cutting power. The servo-motor with recirculating ball spindle from CNC technology moves the saw blade to the desired height in seconds. During this operation the high power main motor remains in its fixed position and is no longer raised. This allows the saw to be moved infinitely to grooving depths and saw blade protrusions up to 115 mm at enormous speed. Panel stacks can be cut easily by the high power motors. The main and prescoring saw blade is guided by a linear guide as it moves up and down.

The prescoring saw can be adjusted under program control using the servo-technology. A postforming unit for material thicknesses up to 50 mm with drive power of 2.2 kW is also available as an option.

Elevating table for stack processing

The lift version includes a precision, chain-driven lifting table for high material through-put as a standard feature.

Solid, precision lifting table for high capacity mass production. The small space requirement and enormously high supporting capacity of 3,5t enable high-speed processing at high material throughput rates using stack cuts. A scissors-type lifting table with supporting capacity of 7t and charging height of 1,100 mm for installation in a pit is available for extremely heavy materials or large panel stacks. It is also possible to install the 7t scissors lifting table without pit for moving panel stacks up to 550 mm. Select the suitable version for optimum integration into your production process.

The servo-controlled lifting table with electric drive offers all advantages of a self-supporting platform combined with the advantages of a spindle-driven lifting table!

Side loading device

The lifting table for the pressure beam saw can be loaded using the side roller conveyors. This provides a variety of advantages for the user:

  • The large motion path for the stacker at the rear of the machine is eliminated.
  • While loading the roller conveyor, cutting work can simultaneously be accomplished on the machine.
  • The right/left selection allows one roller conveyor to be used for loading and the other for discharging the unused stack.

Various scenarios can be configured alternatively:

  • Right | Left | Right + Left
  • Right + Rear | Left + Rear
  • Right + Left + Rear

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We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and professional service

Need Assistance or Expert Advice?

We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and professional service