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Founded in 1945, Zurich. Armin Kündig laid the foundation for Kündig AG which has since become one of the worlds leading manufacturers of sanding machines.

Today, Kündig AG is located in Wetzikon (Zurich)/ Switzerland and all shares are currently owned by Kündig family members.

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Kundig Brilliant 1 Wide Belt Sander

Kundig’s Brilliant series of wide belt sanders are often found in joinery and interior fitting companies and the like. They offer the same features as the Premium series does, but contain at least one unit with our patented oblique sanding technology. Simply put, Kündig’s exclusive oblique sanding technology does what experienced wood workers do instinctively: Through pivoting of the sanding unit, the sanding grit’s cutting ability and belt life improves and undesirable sanding traces, that are so typical for almost all wide belt sanders, don’t show on the work piece.

Oblique is Better

When sanding conventionally with oscillation, belt errors (grid outbreaks, belt wear marks) are running parallel to the conveyor direction along the workpiece. This leaves the operator with a very common problem: Oscillation traces. With the oblique sanding technology, these inevitable belt errors run slightly diagonally to the conveyor direction, thus the undesirable effect is evenly spread on the workpiece surface and has no visible impact on it anymore. This makes for much more homogeneous surfaces. In addition, raised wood fibres are being cut off much more efficiently thanks to the shearing cut effect.

The advantages of Oblique Sanding.

  • Absolutely homogeneous surfaces
  • No oscillation traces
  • No raised fibres
  • Significant reduction of scratches on cross grain workpieces
  • Reduction of sanding belt consumption of up to 35%
  • Less lacquer consumption due to less raised fibers
  • Greatly improved surface quality
  • Easy handling

Better Surfaces, demonstrably

According to actual users, the oblique sanding technology is especially good for lacquer sanding. But it’s also great to use on cross-grain surfaces.

In real life use, the improved cutting ability allows for smaller grit sanding belts. When sanding with an oblique unit, sanding traces on the workpiece cancel each other with every rotation of the belt and become pretty much invisible to the human eye.

Kundig Brilliant 1 – Easy handling

All operations and adjustment are easily attainable – depending on preference, Kundig machines can be operated fully automatically, with custom automated sanding programmes, or manually, by adjusting all relevant parameters on the go. The user interface is very intuitive and motivates each user to explore advanced options and features and therefore using these precision sanders to their full potential without hesitation. Built in safety measures eliminate the risk of major accidental operating errors. Kundig sanders are well known and appreciated for their easy handling

Oblique Sanding Units

Kündig Brilliant sanders have at least one oblique sanding unit. With traditional, parallel sanding units, even after short use, sanding belts show small damages, grit outbreaks and irregularities due to wear and clogging. These imperfections negatively affect the sanding image, particularly on delicate surfaces like lacquer or veneer. This inherent flaw of the parallel sanding process can be avoided by pivoting the sanding unit by 10°. Further advantages are absence of oscillation marks, extended life of sanding belt due to this error tolerant procedure and significantly better sanding quality. For lacquer and veneer applications this technology is ground-breaking, but its great advantages are also very visible in window production or fine solid timber work.

Oblique sanding units are available as calibration rollers, pneumatic pads, electronically controlled segmented pads and combined solutions and offer the usual durability and reliability of Kündig products. They can be combined with our high gloss cross-belt unit and all the available dust removing devices.

Working Widths

1100mm, 1350mm, 1600mm, 1900mm, 2200mm Other working widths on request

Calibration Roller Rd

Calibration Roller oblique

Calibration Roller Gd

Large Calibration Roller oblique

Combined Unit Kd/Cd

Kd = Pneumatic
Cd = Segmented, electronically controlled

Sanding Pad Pd

Sanding pad Brilliant oblique pneumatic

Sanding Pad Ed

Sanding Pad Brilliant oblique segmented

Sanding Pads

Pneumatic Pad

Well proven sanding pad technology, especially for solid timber processing. A continuous cell provides even pressure on the workpiece.

Segmented Pad

The segmented pad is divided in segments either 35 or 22mm wide. These segments are computer controlled and preferences can easily and thoroughly be adjusted by the operator. The electronically controlled, segmented pad is especially useful for taking care of those delicate workpiece edges on lacquered or veneered parts.

Pad Options

Segments and therefore the sensing rollers at the machine entry are available in 35 or 22mm width. Depending on the material that needs to be sanded, a variety of sanding shoe hardnesses are available. Two different hardness shoes are included from the factory.

Segmented Pad Controls

A segmented sanding pad is in an integral component of any lacquer wide belt sander. At Kundig, we do not only use 22mm (1 Inch) thin workpiece detecting rollers but the same small 22mm size sanding segments as well. Our software allows for easy and logical control of this complex precision-instrument. In the upper part of the screen the overall sanding pressure is adjusted. Below, the pressure on the workpiece edges can be regulated in percentage increments. Additional segments can even be added or subtracted on each side. Asymmetric adjustments, which means different edge pressure on each side, are possible as well. In order to specifically concentrate on either the front or rear end of the workpiece, the activation and retraction of the sanding segments can either be delayed or accelerated, which is easily controlled in the bottom window.

Behind this software is a refined control system that converts those user inputs with millisecond precision. This allows for accurate segment activation even at extremely high feed speeds (for example in furniture industry applications). This technology is available in our parallel, oblique and cross belt units.

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