Martin T32 Planer Thicknesser

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  • Unbeatable advantages when working with wet woods
  • Switch between the standard feed speeds of 6 and 12 m/min when planing
  • TERSA solid steel cutter block with 4 blades
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Technical Specifications

Optional motor power
5.5 kW / 7.5 kW
Planing width
530 mm
Planing height optional
3 – 250 mm
Chip removal
max. 8 mm
Feed optional
6 | 12 m/min 5 – 20 m/min continuous
approx. 1,000 kg
Cutter block diameter
120 mm
Cutter block optional
TERSA Z4 or Xplane
Cutter block speed optional
5,000 rpm / 6,000 rpm
Extraction connection
140 mm

Combined surface/thickness

Even if space is limited, you don’t have to do without high-quality machine technol- ogy. The Martin T32 planer thicknesser delivers first class planing and thicknessing results in the smallest space.

Thanks to the robust machine table made of grey cast iron, and a powerful feed, this compact machine produces top-class work results right from the start. Easy to handle, with ergonomic operation, the Martin T32 Planer Thicknesser allows you to optimise your work processes and reduce costly set-up times.

Electromotive support

Opt for electromotive support when folding the machine tables up and down and the motorised height adjustment of the thicknessing table with digital dimension display provides maximum operating comfort even in the standard version.

The workpieces are conveyed through the machine at 6 or 12 m/min. A continuous feed is also available as an option for thickness planing tasks. The workpieces are transported on the infeed side by a steel spiral infeed roller, and on the outfeed side by a rubber roller.

MARTIN T32 | MW Machinery
Martin T32 Planer Thicknesser | MW Machinery

Surface or thickness planing?

Changing between surface and thickness planing takes just a few seconds.
This guarantees you the shortest set-up times and means that you can work quickly even in confined spaces. If you wish, you can even tilt the table using the electromotive support.

All operating elements of the Martin T32 planer thicknesser are easy to access and clearly arranged on the pleasantly inclined control panel.

Rapid thickness variation variable feed

Including in the standard version, the thickness planing gauge can be moved electromotively according to a digital display.

You can continuously adjust the feed as you wish to between 5 and 20 m/min, and in the standard version, the two speeds of 6 and 12 m/min are available

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T32 Martin | MW Machinery

Xplane Option

The optional Xplane cutter block with its three rows of spirally arranged carbide cutters. The cutter block delivers impressively clean surfaces, especially with knotty woods, and also reduces the machine’s noise emissions to a surprising degree. The lifetimes of the carbide blade are about 20 times longer than that of high-speed steel blades and thus noticeably reduce running costs. The Xplane cutter blocks are delivered with a rotational speed of 6,000 rpm instead of the standard 5,000 revolution

Folding the table up and down

Folding the table up is quick and easy thanks to the spring support, which can also be electrical if you so require.

Connection to the suction system always remains in force on the Martin T32 planer thicknesser which saves you set-up time.

Edging Fence

The fence runs precisely across the table without tilting.

The auxiliary fence, available as standard, is already integrated into the main fence so that narrow workpieces can also be fed safely over the T32’s machine table.


The T32 operating elements are easily accessible and clearly arranged at the front of the machine. Whether surface or thickness planing, all operating elements are always perfectly accessible.

Combined with the easy-to-read digital display of the planing height dimensions, the motorised height adjustment, available as standard, considerably speeds up your work. The resolution of 0.1 mm ensures great precision.

Safety guards

The machine is equipped with a bridge guard as standard which safely covers the cutter block. The guard can also be folded back in sections to facilitate handling.

Whether surface or joining, the optional, modern SUVA bridge guard over the cutter block offers you the best in convenience and safety. It is a quick and adjustable safety guard which has proven itself outstandingly in practice.

Feed – material transport

You can switch between the standard feed speeds of 6 and 12 m/min when planing.

The feed speed can be even more finely adjusted with the optional, continuously adjustable feed speed control.

This option enables variable feeds between 5 and 20 m/min.

As standard, the T32 is equipped with a steel spiral infeed roller and a rubber outfeed roller.

The Martin T32 planer thicknesser standard motor rating is 5.5 kW.

T32 diagram | MW Machinery
Table systems

The Martin T32 planer thicknesser machine tables are finely planed, which offers unbeatable advantages when working with wet woods.

To change the machine from surface to thickness planing mode, release the locking lever on the surfacing tables and fold them open with the spring support.

Unintentional folding down, while doing so, is completely impossible. Now, simply close the cutter block cover and you’re ready for thickness planing.

The suction system remains continually connected; no reconnection is required. To change from thickness planing to surfacing mode, open the cutter block cover while the machine is at a standstill, release the table lock, tilt the table horizontally, and lock it again.

Now you’re ready for surface planing.

Folding up and down the surface planing tables is even more convenient with the optional motorised support.

In this case, you open or close the tables simply by pressing a button.

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