Martin T54 Surface Planer

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Technical Specifications

5000 U/min
max. 500 mm
415V / 3ph
90° – 45°
L 1300 x H 150mm

Martin T54 Surface Planer

Planer Our 80 years’ experience in the production of high-quality woodworking machines not only enhances our profile, but it also provides extensive knowledge. This starts with jointing as a basis for perfect results, and transfers to planing and the combination of both, culminating in profiling the entire width. Wherever there is a need for planing, high-performance machines are required, which are both user-friendly and efficient – and quiet as well.

  • Space-saving design
  • Quick and accurate results in a short space of time
  • Endless options
  • Even more control with the optional T544 fence top mounted control console
  • No matter what the task you are doing, safety has been carefully considered with this machine
  • Perfect results due to the two-knife solid steel cutterhead

Customisation Options

The vast range of optional accessories available to go with the T54 can turn this from an already excellent planer into a stunning machine. The control console if purchased will give electronic control of the fence and the cutting depth can be set quickly and accurately between 0-8mm with a digital read out keeping you informed of what’s going on.

SUVA Bridge Guard, 5.5kw Motor

The SUVA bridge guard is an adaptable, safe and modern safety device and will prove to be invaluable in use. The 5.5kw motor with its soft start is electronically braked and has been designed for full industrial use. This heavy (approx 1000kg) machine makes a perfect companion to the T45 Thicknesser and would be an asset in any woodworking shop where many years of heavy use is envisioned.


The TERSA solid steel cutter block Z2 on the Martin T54 Surface Planer offers many practical advantages: The high running smoothness in the precision bearings and the exact positioning of the positive fitting reversible blades results in an extremely accurate cutting circle – and thus the best conditions for cleanly planed surfaces. The TERSA reversible blades are available in four different qualities, i.e. for all tasks, and the cutter block can also be delivered as a Z4 cutter block on request. Changing the blades takes less than a minute per blade. With a range a different block and blade combinations available you can be sure of finding the right one for your task.

Clever combination saves space

Unlike combination machines, the MARTIN T45 and Martin T54 Surface Planer function without the need for timeconsuming changes and, thanks to the spacesaving installation, both of the machines fit together in small footprint. In contrast to the combination machines, both MARTIN machines can also be operated at the same time and because of their close proximity to one another, they can even be operated by one person.

The dust collection ports can be attached to either the left or right-hand side of the T45, allowing you to optimise your dust collection system without restricting material and work flow within your facility. Of course, both T45 Contour machines can also be combined with the T54 for a perfect planing and profiling center. You can create unique possibilities with this duo, going far beyond the combinations that have been familiar to our industry so far.

Martin T54 Surface Planer on a white canvas
Martin T54 Surface Planer & Martin T45 Thicknesser on a white canvas

Everything down to preference

The quick and precise setting for the depth of the cut between 0-8 mm is actuated electrically with a clear, easy to read scale. The centralised control panel features depth of cut setting and the start button for the cutting spindle.

The optional T544 fence top mounted control console offers even more comfort to the operator, allowing the controls to ride in and out with the fence, keeping them easily in reach. The digital depth of cut display has a resolution of 0.1mm.

Martin T54 Side Control Panel
Martin T54 Main Control Panel

Martin T54 Surface Planer, Perfect end results in no time at all

Perfect end results can only be obtained with perfectly jointed material. The T54 offers the ideal conditions to create unequalled precision. The smooth-running fence with integrated auxiliary fenceenables quick and precise jointing operations. The fence runs smoothly and without tilting
on ball bearing guided courses – as precise years later as on the very first day. Chamfers can also be machined in a flash, because any angle between 90° and 45°can be set quickly with the manually operated controls.

Martin T54 Surface Planer fence on a 45 degree angle

Safety comes as standard Martin T54 Surface Planer

It does not matter whether you are face jointing or edge jointing, the
modern SUVA jointer guard is a quick and safe safety device that has
become standard equipment in European shops. An auxiliary fence is
integrated into the main jointer fence so that small, narrow workpieces
can also be fed safely over the machine table. Furthermore, a mount
for a power feeder also comes as standard equipment. The T54 comes
complete with an automatic star-delta starter connection and a wear
free electronic brake

The best conditions for perfect results

The two-knife TERSA solid steel cutterhead on the T54 offers
many practical advantages: The smoothness in the precision bearings and the
exact positioning of the positive fitting, reversible TERSA knives
results in one of the most extremely accurate cutting circles obtainable, thereby
resulting in a smooth and accurate planed finish. The TERSA
reversible knives are available in four different types
(chrome steel, HSS, M42 and carbide). The cutterhead can
also be supplied in a four-knife configuration as well.
As always, changing the TERSA knives takes less than a minute per blade.

Martin T45 Thicknesser Xplane block

Xplane solid steel cutter block

Martin’s own design – this 3 row cutter block is a level above the rest.
Quiet and smooth running leaving an incredible finish on any grade
of wood. Due to the sheering action, the motor stress is reduced along
with operators input. Compared to others, Martin run their spiral blocks
at a higher speed of 6000rpm, again to increase the quality of the finish.
From our experience, cutters last longer and planed pieces need less
finishing. We rarely sell any other type of cutter block!

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