2024 Martin T66 Panel Saw

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T66: the compact all-rounder

  • Versatile & adjustable
  • Adaptive speed control
  • The modern choice
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Technical Specifications

Motor rating (optional)
4.0 kW (5.5 | 7.5 kW)
Cutting height max.
155 mm ± 45°: 110 mm
Rotational speed
cont. rotational speed control 1,500– 5,500 rpm
Cutting thickness (1x 45°)
max. 5 mm | special tools up to 15 mm (0°)
Sliding-table length (optional)
3.0 m (1.9 | 3.3 | 3.7 m)
Display resolution
0.1 mm | 0.1°
Cutting angle/height
Extraction connection
120 mm on frame | 100 mm on guard
Saw-blade diameter max. (optional)
450 mm (––)
Saw blade tilting
0° to +46°
Main saw blade change
Cutting width (optional)
850 mm (1,350 mm)
Control system (optional)
7” touch screen (11” iPad)
Control panel
At eye level
Cutting width (optional)
Manually, by scale with fine adjustment
approx. 1,100 – 1,400 kg

Sliding Table

Since 1959, MARTIN’s hardened steel guides have been created for their sliding table saws and continues to perform to the highest standards even today.

The advantage of this system is the absence of play combined with the smooth and easy guidance of the table. The tempered running surfaces are also continuously lubricated with oil which prevents dust and dirt from sticking to the sliding surfaces. With the MARTIN T66 Panel Saw, movement of the table ensures constant self-cleaning.

Adjustable Rip Fence

On all of Martin’s table saws, you will find adjustable rip fences as standard. Very easy to use, these rip fences allow for scale and precise fine adjustment, increasing the accuracy of your cuts.

The fence is guided by four strong deep-groove ball bearings, giving a strong yet versatile feel. Cutting dimensions can be digitally displayed on the control panel, allowing you to clearly see progress as you work.

The electronic measuring system operates with a resolution of 0.1 mm and, when changing the fence rails to the vertical or flat position, users can switch the dimension display by simply pressing a button.

Martin T66 panel saw rip fence | MW Machinery

High performance in a small space

The updated Martin T66 panel saw offers so much more; a quietly running saw blade, precisely running sliding table, an easy to operate rip fence.

The new Martin T66 Panel Saw machine is a true all-rounder. It combines all of the advantages of the larger machines, including a 7” touchscreen and state-of-the-art SynchroDrive drive technology, but without the hefty price tag. For efficiency and versatility, the Martin T66 panel saw is an ideal choice.

ConnectControl: digital brilliance

With ConnectControl, not only do you have an extremely powerful control system on board, but you have the ability to control it with the touch of a button. This is the choice for modern performance.

With ConnectControl technology, you can integrate the machine into the digital workflow of your business, and reap all the efficiency benefits of networked communication. The digital interface puts you in control of your tools, giving flexibility and increased precision.

Optional positioning and adjustment

Thanks to the Martin T66 panel saw’s optional hand wheel adjustment, it is now easy to control the fence jaw from the operating position. Plus, the cross-cut fence can be easily pushed into the front or rear position of the cross-cut table with no need for lifting.

These state-of-the-art additional options make using the Martin machinery in your workshop the obvious choice. Whether you are processing wood, plastics or aluminium, the T66 panel saw is your best option.

Martin T66 | Machinery Configurator | MW Machinery

For the T66 and T77 the ScribeMaster allows for the easy adjustment of the scoring width on the stationary saw blade for the 2-axis scoring units.

This saves a significant amount of time, as the time-consuming adjustment of the two-part scorer blades with spacers is no longer required. The cutting width of the scorer is adjusted to the main saw blade without dismantling.

Mitrex double miter stop

The MitreX double miter fence is characterized by its large angle scale and high adjustment precision.

The miters can be cut from two sides and the stops can be used alternately to allow cutting lengths from 90 to 1,375 mm. And finally, a special advantage of the MitreX is the unique splinter protection wood.

Parallelogram cross table

For more than 60 years, the parallelogram cross table from Martin has been leading the way in terms of flexibility and accuracy.

The parallelogram cross table offers exact, precisely fitting angle cuts. The robust 0° lock is released with a simple control. Please note that the parallelogram cross table can only be supplied with premium length stops.

A Cleaner Cut

With the Martin T66 series, you are using the only machines available with a saw blade that cuts up to 10hp and swivels to the right up to +46°.

These innovative and reliable machines allow you to control your cuts down to the millimetre, increasing efficiency and reducing waste.

This machine, with its saw blade that tilts to one side, is the ideal point of entry into the MARTIN world of sawing, and will win you over with its practical advantages for your daily work.

For efficient digital and mobile work, ConnectDrive represents the database for the machine control and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Using the innovative ConnectPad, the T66 has an integrated, touch-sensitive console which functions as an operating unit, controllinh all of the machine’s functions.

Allowing for cloud-based work processes, by integrating the ConnectTouch, the T66 opens up a large number of management functions and assistants.

ConnectApp features a large screen and WiFi-controlled connection to create an adaptive control unit, making location-based machine control possible.


SynchroDrive is a staple of the modern, new drive technology used in MARTIN panel saws.

Using variable synchronous motors that have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards, the T66 panel saws combine flexibility with performance.

With far more power reserves than standard electric motors with the same power consump tion, the rotational speed on these machines can be continuously adjusted from 1500 to 5500 rpm.

Martin T66 Panel Saw Innovative Technology

Thanks to MARTIN’s ConnectControl operating system, your processes become digitised and far more efficient. Due to these carefully designed customisation options, you can upgrade the Martin T66 panel saw according to your own business requirements.

The steel restraints for the sliding table saws have been a feature of Martin since 1959 and this technology is consistently being adapted and updated.

This system allows Martin to create woodworking machinery that adapts well to an ever-changing industry. Everything is made to make processes more efficient, from the oil-moist hardened running surfaces, to the movement of the table that ensures constant self-cleaning.

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