Omec 650 A Dovetailer – Ex Showroom Machine

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Omec 650a dovetailer has a two-axis automatic mill cutter with numerical control.

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Technical Specifications

650 A Dovetailer
16,500 RPM
2.33 HP

Omec 650 A Dovetailer

OMEC 650A, is designed to indent dovetails and parallel indents for drawers and several furniture elements.

Model 650-A is equipped with a spindle and a mill cutter that allow the production of indents of different heights. The machine is designed to cut single male or female workpieces, or both simultaneously. Pieces can be clamped and released in manual mode by means of pneumatic valves.

Controls are issued from a numerically controlled push button panel. The 650-A model is controlled by a CNC system that is programmed to manufacture two types of fixed pitch joints (25mm and 50mm).

All the adjustments can be easily carried out following the software instructions of the machine displayed on the monitor.

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