Robland NXSD310 Planer Thicknesser 3ph SPIRAL BLOCK

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The NXSD 310 Planer Thicknesser comes as standard with –

  • 3 standard knives of 310mm
  • 1320mm x 310mm planer table
  • 1300mm x 150mm planer fence
  • 4mm maximum single pass removal
  • Thicknesser capacity 310mm x 230mm
  • 270KG
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Technical Specifications

motor power
5 HP
cutter block speed
5500 rpm
length of outfeed table
680 mm
max. thicknessing height
230 mm
dust extraction outlet
100 mm
Fence dimensions
L 1300 x H 150 mm
Cutter block Diameter
70 mm
length of in-feed table
680 mm
tilting fence
90° – 45°
max. planing width
308 mm
1ph / 3ph

Robland  Planer Thicknesser NXSD 310 3ph

The Robland Planer Thicknesser NXSD 310 is an entry level industrial machine with a capacity of 410mm x 230mm.

Optional extras Available including, single phase, Tersa or Spiral blocks, wheel kits, analogue readouts.




Optional Extra: Wheel kit. This enables you to move your machine around easier. Robland Planer Thicknesser NXSD
Wheel system

With the Optional wheel system, you can easily move your machine

Handwheel for thicknessing bed with optional analogue readout. Robland Planer thicknesser NXSD 410. Robland Planer Thicknesser NXSD
Hand wheel

Hand wheel with integrated analogue read out option on the thickness table.

The heavy duty jointer fence. In it's position on top of both infeed & outfeed tables. Robland Planer thicknesser NXSD 410
Jointer fence

The large, hard anodised jointer fence makes edge planing easy. Thanks to its special swivel-support bracket, the fence sets at any angle without a gap between the fence and the table surface.

close up image of the cast iron tables & standard block. Robland Planer thicknesser NXSD 410. Robland Planer Thicknesser NXSD
Cast Iron tables

The cast iron tables have a total length of 1400 mm.

Tersa block on its own. Robland Planer Thicknesser NXSD

Tersa cutter-block with 3 reversible knives (HSS), provides quick precise setting of the knives.

Optional Extra: Morticing unit which attaches to the back of the machine. Robland Planer Thicknesser NXSD

The smooth and easy to operate mortiser can be removed from the machine within minutes. It also has 2 detachable handles, easy when machining large work pieces. The chuck capacity is from 0 to 16 mm.

maximum size block of wood 230mm on top of thicknessing bed. Robland Planer thicknesser NXSD 410. Robland Planer Thicknesser NXSD
Thickness Capacity

Up to 230 mm thicknessing capacity with precision and setting and locking. The very sturdy central column and positive feed system ensure excellent results.

Spiral block showing the four sided blades underneath the cast iron tables. Robland Planer Thicknesser NXSD
Spiral Cutter Block

The Optional spiral cutter block is used to plane hard woods. The cutter block reduces the noise and produces a fine finish. The knives have 4 bladed sides, so the have a longer operational life.

serrated roller infeed on its own Robland Planer Thicknesser NXSD
The Serrated infeed roller

The serrated infeed roller guarantees an efficient through-feed of the wood and so a good surface.


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