Martin T29 Spindle Moulder

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The Martin T29 Spindle Moulder’s tilting arbor spindle moulder opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

  • User-friendly
  • State-of-the-art control system
  • Economical
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Technical Specifications

Optional motor power
5.5 kW 7.5 kW | 11.0 kW I 15.0 kW
Control panel
At eye level, rotatable
Spindle swivel
T29 Fix: – T29 Flex: ± 46.00°
Table openings
255 | 205 | 161 | 106 | 74 mm
Repeat accuracy
± 0.025 mm | ± 0.005°
approx. 1,200 – 1,450 kg
Control system (optional)
7” touchscreen (11” iPad | 12.9” iPad)
Spindle stroke
150 mm
Rotational speeds
cont. rotational speed control 500 – 12,000 rpm
Display resolution
0.05 mm | 0.01°
Suction connections
2 x 120 mm

The Groundbreaking Martin T29 Spindle Moulder

The key feature of this machine is the innovative control system, designed to support the user in all of his or her tasks.

Previously, users had to carry out all of the  measurements and settings for the tools themselves, which took up a lot of time. With the Martin T29 Spindle Moulder, users are supported by intuitive electronics, with up to seven electronically displayed and controlled axes, increasing efficiency and saving time.

Setting up the Martin T29 Spindle Moulder is simple and hassle-free – it fits right in and away you go!

T29 Arbor | MW Machinery

Innovative Design

The T29 Spindle Moulder’s electrically adjustable ring inserts are the perfect solution for closing the gap between the tool and the table.

Fully integrated into the control syste, they facilitate the set-up process enormously. By simply specifying a value or moving them manually, you can open or close the eccentric rings, and thus the gap, continuously.

Fence Jaw System

Thanks to the optional AutoLock fence jaw clamping system on the T29, you can ensure that the secure clamping of standard and integral fence jaws are completed in a simple and safe manner.

Always clamped securely by spring force, the jaw clamping is only released for setting with the easily accessible levers. This is done without any electrics or pneumatics.

Collision Detection

During the setup process, if a tool is accidentally moved onto a collision course with the machine, it will automatically detect the issue and warn the operator.

This ensures a very high level of safety for the user, even for inexperienced operators.

The machine software also prevents collisions between the machine components in the border areas of the travel paths of the table rings and the spindle sleeves.

T29 Spindle Moulder Collision detection | MW Machinery
Martin Control Panel | MW Machinery
Arbor Quick Change

There are two options available with the T29; the The DornFix standard quick-change system and the HSK quick-change system.

The T29 works fully tool-free and is compatible with the CNC processing centres of leading manufacturers.

You can use suitable CNC machining centre tools directly on the spindle moulder, relieving this machine from capacity-consuming traversing moulding tasks.

Complete Control

Setting up one of these machines can be very time-consuming and a real challenge for a busy workshop.

However, the Martin T29 Spindle Moulder has an innovative, user-friendly control system which lets users work highly efficiently and effectively, all thanks to its intelligent network.

The new ConnectControl system offers the possibility of managing your tool data from a central location; the Production Planning department. This means that not just one machine, but all machines with access to ConnectControl technology, are updated with the latest data.


Martin T66 | Machinery Configurator | MW Machinery

Reliable Technology

Thanks to the T29 Spindle Moulders’ tool conversion system, which is integrated as part of the standard version, it takes no time at all to set up complex moulding patterns, especially those with tilted spindles.

This means that any user can efficiently and effectively make use of the large tilting range of 2 x 46° – and can follow your inclinations lock, stock and barrel.

Repeatability, process reliability and durability, combined with an intuitive, innovative control system is what makes the Martin T29 Spindle Moulder a strong addition to any workspace.

Workshop Efficiency

Thanks to integrated ConnectControl technology, every T29 can be networked quickly and easily.

ConnectControl is the umbrella term for the patented control concept that charac- terises the latest generation of formatting saws and spindle moulders from MARTIN.

Because of this integration, users can add further machines into the system, making it possible to control your entire workshop digitally.

Different machines can be taken into account from the project planning stage and the Cloud-based control system also ensures smooth and streamlined cooperation between several users.

Martin T29 | Woodworking Machinery | MW Machinery

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