Robland KT30 Pro Spindle Moulder 1ph

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  • 6mm Collet
  • handwheel with integrated analogue readout spindle moulder height
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Technical Specifications

170 kg
Table Dimensions
790 x 470 mm / 1356 x 470 mm (L version)
Shaft Diameter
30 mm Standard / 250 mm (Optional)
Spindle Rotation Speed
3000/ 6000 / 7500 / 10,000 RPM
Dust extraction Diameter
100 mm Standard / 120 mm (Optional)
Motor Power 1ph / 3ph
3hp / 6.6hp
Table thickness
65 mm
Max. Tool Diameter
180 mm (Standard) / 250 mm (Optional)
Direction Rotation
Left + Right

Options & Accessories

Standard Cutter Block

for most people this cutter block offers the best price/ quality ratio. The blades can be re-sharpened and are easy to replace thanks to a specific toolset, delivered with the machine.

Tersa block on its own. Robland Planer Thicknesser NXSD
Tersa Cutter Block

The machine can be equipped with a TERSA system, to allow for a fast change of the knives. The disposable TERSA blades are available in a wide selection to fit different types of wood.
The TERSA cutter block has a slightly lower noise level than the standard block.

Spiral Cutter Block

When processing hard wood types the spiral cutter block has a lower noise level and consumes less energy than a standard cutter block. The blades also typically last longer.
On hard wood the 3 rows of knives result in a high quality finish.

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Need Assistance or Expert Advice?

We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and professional service