2024 Martin T77 Panel Saw

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The brand new Martin T77 Panel Saw

Featuring a new colour and model from this Premium German manufacturer;

  • 3M Sliding Table
  • 850mm Rip cut capacity
  • 900mm working table height
  • 7″ Touch Screen
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Technical Specifications

Sliding table length
Table size
860 x 1270mm
Cutting width
Tool Swivel
0° to 47°
IE4 SynchroDrive
Motor Rating
Rotational speed
1500– 5500 rpm
Main saw blade change
Control System
7″ Touch Screen
Table height
Tool exchange
ProLock quick exchange system
Cutting height at 90°
Cutting height at 45°
Saw blade diameter
Display resolution
0.1 mm | 0.01°
Extraction connection
120 mm on frame | 100 mm on guar

MARTIN T77: Innovation At Its Best

Even with the basic composition, the new T77 from MARTIN allows up to seven axes to be easily controlled via the digital display.

Designed to be innovative and adaptable, the T77 panel saw allows for precision when working with any material requirement. The saw blade can be pivoted on one or both sides, and the new networked controller ConnectControl offers highly efficient cloud-based work.

MARTIN’s T77 panel saw offers exceptional robustness and stability. As a premium class sliding table saw, it has what you need for tough, daily use in trade.

martin woodworking machinery | MW Machinery

Innovative Control

The T77 is set apart from its competitors thanks to its innovative control system technology combined with robust engineering.

A motor rating of up to 15 kW is available as an option, and there are options to equip the T77 with a saw blade that tilts to one side, or to both sides.

The controls are digital and therefore can be integrated into your business systems via the MARTIN ConnectControl operating system.

T77 Saw | MW Machinery
T77 SafeMove | MW Machinery


The SafeMove motorised guard on the MARTIN T77 offers a high level level of convenience and safety.

Able to be tilted to both sides, the guard is moves to the left, depending on the projection and tilting angle of the saw blade, and only ever takes up as much space as the current situation requires.

Additionally, the type of disk currently in use is also monitored which prevents the saw blade from accidentally damaging the guard.

T77 Frame | MW Machinery

Strong Foundations

The T77 Panel Saw’s frame is a stable, thick-walled composite structure unique to MARTIN machines.

The simple yet ingenious frame construction features the intelligent combination of the two materials, steel and concrete, to create a high-quality frame that is unparalleled in terms of stability, damping capacity and torsional rigidity.

Any vibrations that occur are absorbed far more effectively than with welded constructions.

Electronically controlled rip fence

Thanks to Martin SafeDrive Technology, the motorised rip fences complete the full travel distance without having to enter into a hold-to-run mode.

Depending on the equipment, the T77 can identify which guard is in use, and is able to stop in time before a collision can occur, giving you the opportunity to lift the guard to enable further travel.

Travel along the rip fence can be continued by simply pressing the button again. The fence stops again just 5 mm before a collision with the saw blade. The button must then be pressed and held down in order to continue the travel.

Cloud-based technology allows for easy sharing of data and information

Connect your workspace to the app and unlock a wide variety of new functionality

Easy-to-use touch sensor control panels make adjusting your machines seamless

With Apple integration and a WLAN-controlled connection, gives control wherever you are


DualDrive is Martin’s innovative technology that allows users to adjust the saw console over a tilting angle of 93° to 0.01°.

This precision is achieved by two chain drives which are synchronously driven by a centrally positioned CANBus motor, providing a precisely set saw blade and an absolutely perfect cutting result.

A built-in sensor monitors the angle position and continuously compares the measured values with your specifications in the control system.

The innovative drive technology for MARTIN sliding table saws combines high flexibility with exceptional performance. The motors also work in an extremely energy-efficient way, achieving significantly higher torque than commercially available electric motors with the same power consumption.

T77 Scoring Saw | MWM

3-axis scoring saw

The 3-axis system on the MARTIN T77 offers incredible precision and comfort for the user.

Once the unit has been referenced, the system will fully adjust to each main saw blade used. All three axes – scoring height, scoring position, and scoring width – are positioned and monitored electronically without further input.

The main advantage with this is that all scorer settings relevant to the cutting quality are always undertaken quickly and precisely. Time-consuming test cuts can be almost completely omitted.


MARTIN’s motorised rip fences included in their sliding table saws complete the full travel distance without having to enter into a hold-to-run mode.

This is made possible by the use of state-of-the-art control technology, where the movement of the rip fence is monitored and controlled.

Sliding Table

The tempered running surfaces of the T77 are continuously lubricated with oil to prevent dust and dirt from sticking to the sliding surfaces.

The movement of the table also ensures constant self-cleaning and there are no plastic parts in the construction of the hardened steel guide in order to maintain quality.

Cross-cut Fence

With the motorised 4th axis on the cross-cut fence for the T77, you can make rectangular cuts quickly and precisely to the left of the saw blade.

Because of the angle and width, the cutting length is also integrated into the control system. You can easily specify the required length and width dimensions, and the control system positions the saw blade and fences for you!

Cross Cut Saw | Cross Cutting Saws | Markfield Woodworking Machinery

RadioCompens extends the possibilities of the mitre cross-cut table, thanks to the wireless communication of the cross-cut table, control system and stop elements.

With this in place, the time-consuming set-up times for angle cuts or mitre cuts are significantly reduced.

The differences in length of the cross-cut fence caused by angular adjustments are compensated for, and even the cutting thicknesses of the respective saw blades used are taken into account.

You simply adjust the table to the desired angle and the electronic cutting length indicators on the cross-cut fence immediately show you the corrected length dimension.

Martin T77 Control Panel | MW Machinery

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