Robland NLX410 Pro Combination Machine

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Available in single phase or 3 phase 

  • 30mm spindle diameter
  • 4 speed spindle rotation
  • 410mm planer/thicknesser
  • 2500mm cut length
  • 300mm saw blade diameter
  • 100mm scoring blade diameter
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Technical Specifications

850 KG
Dust suction outlet
100 mm
Saw rotation speed
4500 RPM
Diameter Saw blade and bore
300 x 30 mm
Cutting depth at 90°
100 mm
Cutting depth at 45°
70 mm
Saw dimensions of cast iron table
1150 x 350 mm
Dimensions Sliding table
2200 mm (2800 option) x 320 mm
Saw cutting length
2500 mm (3100 option)
Saw cutting width parallel fence
925 mm
Saw Scoring blade
120 x 20 mm
Motor Power
4.85 kW / 6.6 HP
PT Max depth of cut
4 mm
PT cutter block rotation speed
5200 RPM
Spindle Rotation Speed
2900 / 4000 / 6000 / 7500 RPM
Diameter spindle arbor
30 mm
Saw capacity spindle arbor
120 mm
Spindle Travel
140 mm
Spindle table opening dimensions
180 mm
Motor Power
4.85 kW / 6.6 HP
PT Total length planer tables
1800 mm
PT Height capacity thicknesser
230 mm
PT Diameter cutter block
70 mm
PT Number of knives
PT Knives dimensions
410 x 25 x 3 mm
PT Planer Thicknesser width
410 mm
PT Feeding Speed
6 m/min
PT Motor Power
4.85 kW / 6.6 HP
Optional Extra: Morticing unit which attaches to the back of the machine. Robland Planer Thicknesser NXSD


The morticer, easy and simple to detach, is operated by 2 detachable levers and is equipped with a 2-jaws chuck.

Mitre Fence

The mitre fence and stop on the sliding table is equipped with an excentric woodclamp. Exact angles can be set and secured.

Handwheel for thicknessing bed with optional analogue readout. Robland Planer thicknesser NXSD 410. Robland Planer Thicknesser NXSD


Handwheel with integrated analogue read out for thicknesser height.


We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and professional service

Support Table

Cast iron power feed “fold away” support table so no need to take it off each time.

Parallel Saw Fence

Parallel saw fence, cutting width 900 mm.

single phase combination woodworking machine | MWM

Safety Hood

Enables you to safely execute all tenoning work and makes the machine more versatile.

Tenoning Table

The tenoning table is made of grey cast iron and is equipped with a anodized 1450 mm long sturdy fence.


“TERSA” cutter-block with 3 reversible knives, provides quick precise setting of the knives.

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We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and professional service