Vertongen Pentho Compact 4 Tenoner

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The Vertongen Pentho Compact 4 is a slot and tenon machine for making professional woodworking joints.

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Technical Specifications

7″ Touch Panel
2730 x 1700 x 1600mm
Table mounting
Vertical attached, extra solid
Backing wood
Clamp for straight baking wood, round backing wood option
Length fence
2400mm, 3400mm option, automatic length-fence option
Cut off Saw Motor
2.2kW – 3,000 RPM
Cut off saw tool
Noise reduced saw included, diameter 400mm
Cut off saw Positioning
Manual on slide bearings
Tenon Heads motor
2x 2.2kW
Tenon heads suspension
Slide bearings
Tenon heads tooling
160mm diameter, 145mm length, exchangeable blades
Tenon heads movement
Horizontal upper -55 / +25mm, Lower -55 / 0 mm. Vertical upper +3 / +150mm, lower -2/+80mm
Vertical spindles RPM
Vertical spindles readouts
Mechanical digital counter on front of machine
Vertical spindles length
200mm with prolock, 300mm x 50mm with prolock only with HP
Tool diameter
Max. 350mm diameter
Conform CE
Total Extraction outlets
1x 80mm, 4x 150mm
Swivelling +/- 60 degree, fixed in height
Manual acting clamp vertical, pneumatic clamps vertical option
160 x 600mm
Cut off saw adjustment
Hor. 20-155mm, cut-off capacity 150mm
Cut off saw extraction
Diameter, 80mm
Cut off saw readouts
Mechanical; digital readout or laser option
Tenon Heads RPM
Tenon heads readouts
Mechanical digital counter on front of machine
Tenon heads Extraction
2x 150mm
Vertical Spindles Motor
5.5kW; 7.5kW option
Vertical spindles suspension
Dove Tail
Vertical spindles Movement
Horizontally 150mm, vertical -150mm – +25mm
Spindle Diameter
40 or 50mm
150mm diameter

Pentho Compact 4

The Vertongen Pentho Compact 4 Tenoner is an industrial slot and tenon machine for making professional woodworking joints.

  • Saw with cut-off capacity 150mm
  • Tenon Heads
  • 2x Vertical spindles 200mm with Prolock
  • Performance and high-performance pack available as options
  • All movements are manually adjustable
  • 7″ touch screen display for starting motors and job recipes
  • Total table swivelling +60 to -60 degrees
  • Round backing wood available
  • Digital length fence, 2400mm with 1 large swivelling backstop
  • High-quality saw and tenon heads installed
Vertongen Pentho Compact 4 Tenoner | Markfield Woodworking Machinery

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Noise reduced Cut off Saw

The Pentho Compact 4 has a noise-reduced cut-off saw with a cut-off capacity of 150mm, two tenon heads and 2 vertical spindles adjustable to an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

The slot & tenon machine is equipped with a robust table on a stable and wear-resistant vertical slide bar. For angled work, the table can be swiveled 60° in two directions.

As a safety system, the Pentho Compact 4 is equipped with a transparent dust protection screen that moves with the table and completely seals the machine.

Upgrade to the High-Performance Pack

Convert your set-up time into valuable production time

With 2 spindles of 300 mm and 9 individual CNC positionings, this High-Performance CNC-tenoner switches between different programs in only 15 seconds. All axes, including the saw, set themselves simultaneously and automatically in the correct position. The position of the length-fence gets automatically recalculated in function of the saw. And its easy, straightforward graphical application allows the operator to make any type of single tenon right from the first time.

Pentho Control

Need Assistance or Expert Advice?

We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and professional service