Salvamac LEGEND 500 Crosscut with SalvaStop 5400/6000

£19,000.00 + VAT

(£22,800.00 inc VAT)

Simple, Solid, Safe – Salvamac Legend 500 Crosscut

  • Solid  The “Legend” crosscutting saws are designed and manufactured to work also in hard conditions and with heavy wood. The structure is completely in varnished hard steel, high thickness and really strong. Solid, compact and stable!
  • Safe TWO HANDED SAFETY CONTROL with ergonomic position and the blade protection cover allows to work with absolute safety. Safe, protected and secure!
  • Simple It is so easy to use: just press the two buttons to cut. The operator should not perform any special setting or adjustment. Simple, easy and flexible!


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Technical Specifications

Blade Motor Power
kW 5.5
Saw Spindle Rotation Speed
Air Consumption Per Cycle
7 NI
Compressed Air Supply
6 – 8 Bar
Work Height
900mm +- 20mm
Max Cutting Height
125mm (220mm Wide)
Diameter of Saw Blade Included
Blade Type
HM Z=108
Saw Dust Extraction
1 – 120mm/ 1 – 100mm
V 400/50 Hz 3~Phase
RAL 9005
Max Cutting Width
310mm (50mm Thick)

Cutting section max. mm.

  • 220mm at 125mm
  • 260mm at 100mm
  • 285mm at 80mm
  • 310mm at 50mm

In case of packet cutting height max. mm 100

Mobile front guard protection

The protection guard rises up during the cut to work in totally safe conditions. Loading and unloading of the wood is facilized by the protection guard down. The system is equipped by a special safe pneumatic system that runs on high quality and technology linear guide.

Safety Control

Two-handed safety manual control with ergonomic position.

Salvamac Legend 500 Crosscut measuring | Markfield Woodworking Machinery

Say Goodbye to the Tape Measure!

SalvaStop is the evolution of the numerically controlled length stop and pushing position system. SalvaStop to save (salva in Italian) your labour costs, productivity waste and measuring human errors.

Combine SalvaStop with your cross-cutting saw or with one of our machines to reduce errors and optimize work. You can have the SalvaStop stop alone or combined with one of our Classic cross-cutting saws to improve performance, work in complete safety and minimize human error.

Technical Specifications

Servo Drive Motor Closing Loop
Capacity With Roller Conveyor
Max 100KG
Arm Length/Plate Included
60mm/200mm x 100mm
Power Requirement
230v 50Hz
S-Pad Touch Screen
Max 60 m/min

The Beam

New technological concept anodized aluminium beam: section mm 100×100, reinforced big thickness of the profile edge.

3 Sides with groves to adapt and install the structure.

1 Flat fence Side to favour the sliding of the wood on the guide avoiding wearing and dust problems.

Maximum speed of carriage movement adjustable up to max. 60 m/min.

High capacity pusher carriage thanks to considerable dimensions

Transmission system through toothed belt width 32 mm. with steel strips inside of high precision and capacity, with very high tolerance of positioning. Robust and independent steel heads for long life, reliability and precision. Strong arm with end aluminium plate with about mm.100 x 200 size.

The Electronic Hardware

Servodrive electronic moving motor in integrated version allows be simple, long life, compact and with the maximum efficiency.

This special technology within the Salvamac Legend 500 Crosscut allows to use the motor in closing loop controlling and not losing every moment the position even in case of accidental external pressures and strokes.

The motor is placed in front and pulling-position. Motor power 11 Nm. I/O system directly from servo drive.

Safety emergency button and start button in ergonomic position.

7” S-PAD touch color screen, very good position for reading and programming. Wide, easy and big keys keyboard on capacitive display. USB connection.

SALVASTOP Exclusive Software

Easy to use thanks to immediately understandable and effective graphics, complete, powerful and flexible.

Complete with 5 different sections and 2 different modes. “STOP” or “PUSH”.

Jog mode and automatic zero setting.

“STOP” Single target length and recalling of the more used lengths.

PUSH” Fix cycles in 100 cutting lists. Wide possibilities of personalization of parameters


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