Holz-Her Vertical Panel Saw SECTOR 1262 Automatic

£36,400.00 + VAT

(£43,680.00 inc VAT)

The upright panel saw allows one-man operation from panel storage to the finished, precisely split component and impresses with its smooth and ergonomic operation. With the SECTOR 1262 automatic, Holzher completes the SECTOR series and thus expands its portfolio of automatic circular panel saws with an 80 mm machine. The powerful saw motor, also with speed control and up to 9.0 kW of extreme power, ensures perfect cutting results.

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Technical Specifications

Cutting depth (mm)
Cutting length | cutting height (mm)
4,300 / 5,300 / 6,300 | 2,200 mm
Trimming height
Saw blade dia
Air requirement
1,400 (m³/h)
Air velocity
≥ 20 (m/sec)
Attachment connection dia
Extraction Static vacuum (Pa)
Connection dia., frame end (mm) – TRK version

Vertical Panel Saw SECTOR 1262

In automatic mode, the Vertical Panel Saw SECTOR 1262 automatic can plunge, saw, plunge out and – depending on the selection – also return to the operator or park at the end of the machine at the push of a button. This guarantees fast cutting cycles.

Cut optimisation with Opti-Base V-Cut

With the professional Opti-Base V-Cut cutting optimisation feature from Holzher, you always get the best optimisation results for perfect material utilisation. Clearly arranged user surface and 10” touch screen for simple, quick and intuitive operation and management of orders, material and parts lists. The label printer for these machines, which is included in the package, ensures clear identification of parts.

Automatic mode: Automatic process

In automatic mode, the SECTOR 1262 automatic can automatically plunge, saw, and plunge out at the push of a button. The unit can be ordered back to the starting point at the push of a button.

The automatic mode ensures a constant feed rate and thus guarantees the best cutting results. The feed speed can be continuously adjusted by the operator from 0 – 25 m/min.

In conjunction with the infinitely variable speed control, you can achieve the best cutting results even with plastics, for example.

By deactivating the automatic mode, the machine can of course also be operated completely manually.

Vertical Panel Saw SECTOR 1262 | MW Machinery
Prescoring for precision cuts

SuperCut is the patented Holzher prescoring system. It provides ready-to-glue cuts with just one basic adjustment.

  • Two carbide blades score the surface of coated panels exactly to the width of the saw blade.
  • The circular saw blade then cuts the panel without chipping the hard, brittle or fibrous top layer.
  • The result is a smooth edge for further processing.
  • SuperCut can be adjusted easily on a dimension scale.
  • SuperCut can be retrofitted at any time on all SECTOR panel saws.
Top and bottom sawing beams

Top and bottom sawing beams with pneumatic arrest, can be operated from the control panel at the touch of a button. Including automatic interface detection for vertical cut.


The range of applications of the this circular panel saw can be expanded as required with original Holzher accessories, for example with the Super Cut scoring system patented by the brand. This works with two scoring knives that pre-score coated panel materials for tear-free edge quality. Another option is the professional Opti-Base V-Cut cut optimization software.

Here is what the SECTOR 1262 offers

  • Cutting Depth: 80 mm
Sawing Unit

The advanced sawing unit with powerful 5.5 kW motor cuts materials with a thickness of up to 80 mm effortlessly. For harder materials, an optional 9 kW motor is also available featuring integrated speed regulation, even for synthetics and nonferrous materials.

To ensure operator-friendly tool changes, the attachment can be mounted in any desired position on the sawing beam. The ProLock quick clamp chuck guarantees quick tool changes.

Digital horizontal cutting with motor-driven precision adjustment

The sawing unit is equipped with a pneumatic brake as a standard feature.

The dimension for the horizontal cut can be precisely adjusted to an accuracy of 1/10 mm at the touch of a button with the adjustment motor included as a standard feature. As an alternative the setting can also be read off on the setting scale.

Geometric angle cutting attachment

The mobile angular cutting device allows angular cuts up to 45° to be completed easily. For this purpose simply clamp the angular cutting device to the saw and set the angle in degrees. Two adjustable vacuum units hold the panel in place. Then cutting can be accomplished in the vertical or horizontal direction. A simple conversion feature allows the angular cutting unit to be attached on the left or right side of the cut.

Digital longitudinal stop with fine adjustment

Digital dimension display for vertical cut, including fine adjustment of hardened linear guide (optional).

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