Holz-Her Vertical Panel Saw SECTOR 1254

£21,230.00 + VAT

(£25,476.00 inc VAT)
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Maximum Cutting Precision in Minimum Space

The SECTOR 1254 vertical panel saw from HOLZ-HER combines proven technology from over 50years of experience with a basic, solid design offering you a unique cost/benefit ratio. The SECTOR 1254 is available in different versions with cutting lengths from 3300mm up to 5300mm and cutting height of 1900mm or 2200mm

  • Completely welded frame with Extremely high rigidity 
  • Precision cutting quality – finished cuts ready for immediate Edgebanding
  • Powerful 4 kW sawing motor
  • Space-saving division with support surface of only 5 m²
  • Easy and ergonomic operation fort he in-and-out movement of the sawing unit
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Technical Specifications

Cutting Depth
Cutting Length
Optional Cutting Lengths
Saw Blade Diameter (mm)
Air Flow Rate
≥ 20 m/sec
Connection dia., frame end (TRK version)
100 mm
Static vacuum
1500 Pa
Cutting Heights
Optional Cutting Heights
2,200mm (Only on 4300mm/5300mm option)
Trimming Height
Air Requirements
1400 m3/h
Attachment connection Diameter
120 mm
Connection dia., customer-side evacuation
Additional 160 mm
900 kg – 1,200 kg

Holz-Her Sector 1254 Vertical Panel Saw

With the philosophy “from the craft for the craft”, HOLZ-HER with over 60 years of experience in building vertical panel saws, develops the perfect machine for cutting panel shaped materials.

HOLZ-HER vertical panel saws are available in different sizes, which are always perfectly adapted to their requirements.

Pre-scoring for Precision Cuts

SuperCut is the patented HOLZ-HER pre-scoring system. It provides ready-to-glue cuts with just one basic adjustment.

  • Two carbide blades score the surface of coated panels exactly to the width of the saw blade.
  • The circular saw blade then cuts the panel without chipping the hard, brittle or fibrous top layer.
  • SuperCut can be adjusted easily on a dimension scale.
Continuous Centre Workpiece Support

The central workpiece support can quickly be folded out and placed at the optimal level for ergonomic machining.

Longitudinal Stop

Manual or (optional) digital dimension display for setting length of vertical cut.

  • With extended stop plate as standard feature for narrow parts
  • Setting desired dimensions is easy and precise
  • Can easily be folded away when not required
Control Panel

Functional control panel at eye height guarantees simple operation.

Digital Version
  • Digital dimension display for horizontal cutting (optional)
  • Precise dimensional adjustment even for top-most horizontal cuts
Support Grid

With optional narrow part fence to prevent workpieces from tipping away between the fences over the central workpiece support.

Strip Stop

For repetitive horizontal cutting dimensions. It is only necessary to set the desired dimension plus saw blade width once. All other cuts are made with the same repetition accuracy. (optional)

SuperCut Prescoring System

The patented SuperCut prescoring system uses tried and true prescoring blades for tear-free cuts. SuperCut can be retrofitted at any time on all SECTOR panel saws.

TRK Evacuation

Health and safety require workplaces to fulfill the highest requirements. Air pollution is an important factor. For this reason, the SECTOR series can be equipped with an effective optional evacuation system thus keeping it significantly below the prescribed guide value of 2 mg of fine dust per m³ of air.
TRK = Technical Guideline Concentration
(Mandatory in all CE countries)

Cut optimization – step-by-step instructions for effective panel cutting

With the professional OptiBase V-Cut cutting optimization feature from HOLZ-HER you
always get the best optimization results for perfect material utilization. Clearly arranged user
surface and 10″ touch screen for simple, quick operation and management of orders, material and parts lists. The label printer for HOLZ-HER machines included in the package ensures
clear identification of all parts.

  • Optimization software for vertical panel cutting saws makes it easy to optimize your cutting plans.
  • Waste material is reduced highly while labeling ensures professional management.
  • The choice is yours – you can either import the cutting plans created in your office via network connection/USB or enter them directly on the touch screen.
  • Perfect material utilization and maximum yield thanks to intelligent software.


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