Martin Woodworking Machinery

Martin, manufactured in Germany, has been known for premium-class woodworking machines for nearly 100 years. The companies founder; Otto Martin, started manufacturing solid machinery back in 1922. Eventually developing the benchmark for quality in the woodworking machinery sector. Martin woodworking machinery has won many awards over the years and with patented technology, it is clear to see why they are still the market-leading, premium-class woodworking brand.

From tilting blade saws to the only planer which can profile up to 630mm wide. The quality, diversity and innovation which is found in Martin woodworking machinery is heads and shoulders above the competition.  In addition to the standard machines, Martin has also been innovative and has created machinery which fills gaps in the market. The woodworking brand has created enormous savings potentials for many industries manufacturing using their products. From planers and jointers to shapers and saws, Martin equipment is user-friendly, built to last and extremely precise. What is the most important machine in your workshop? Many woodworkers answer this question by pointing to their trusty sliding-table saw. Equipped to make fine and rough cuts alike, a Martin sliding-table saw will allow you to work quickly, accurately and without fatigue for many years.